The Vitali T5 dental unit is the ultimate in modern dental technology. The unit boasts a huge range of features and has been developed to provide optimum comfort, hygiene and flexibility. The concept is based on rigorous research and the newest technological ideas have been utilised to ensure dentists can benefit from the latest gadgets and instruments.

The chair has two different electronic configurations and has a 5 instrument table. The instruments and devices have been arranged in a particular way to provide optimum workflow and ensure dentists can work efficiently and effectively without having to move to other parts of the treatment room or stop in the middle of a procedure.

The T5 unit has integrated hygiene systems, which help to minimise the risk of contamination and infection. The unit can also be adapted quickly and easily to cater for left-handed dentists.

The chair has various different programmable positions, which help to ensure optimum working positions for dentists and maximum comfort for patients, as well as making it easier for dentists to adjust their work station to suit their individual needs.

There is also a range of optional extras available, including multimedia systems and additional devices.