The Idema SrL ID 200V dental chair is a stylish, versatile unit, which is easy to use and easy to clean. The unit has a range of innovative features and is focused on making like easier for the dentist and ensuring maximum comfort for the patient. The chair has been developed based directly on the needs of dentists and their assistants.

The ID 200V chair can accommodate up to five instruments with space to hold optional devices, including a fibre-optic turbine, an electric scaler, an oral camera and a polymerizing lamp. The instrument tray is mounted on the arm.

The chair has a multifunctional keyboard, which allows dentists and assistants to control and adapt the chair for specific situations and procedures. The keyboard has the following controls: move and reset the chair, timed water dispenser and micro-motor rotation inversion.

The chair also has a separate assistant’s module, which consists of a movable unit, which has a keyboard to control various functions, including dispensing water and resetting and moving the chair.

The chair is fully adjustable and has features including a multi-articulated headrest, to maximise patient comfort. Programmes are also available to set a specific position, return to the last position and choose from 3 working positions. The cushion is comfortable and designed to support the patient and make them feel relaxed; the chair is also available in a range of colours.

The Idema SrL ID 200V can be adapted and customised to suit the individual dentist and there are optional additions available, including a mounted tele-camera with an LCD monitor. The products are all approved, certified and safety tested.