The Linea Surf OR model has been specially designed for orthodontists. The product has been developed as a direct result of orthodontists seeking a specific model. The Linea Surf OR has a stylish design and has been created predominantly for treating children; the aim was to create a calming, welcoming environment for younger patients.

The chair has a keypad at the side and the capacity to accommodate instruments. There is also a double-tray, which moves on a double-articulating arm; this means the orthodontist can access their instruments quickly and easily without having to move around.

The chair moves quietly and smoothly thanks to low tension motors; it is easily adjusted and controlled by multipurpose foot controls (the keypad can also be used). The foot controls allow the orthodontist to concentrate on the procedure whilst simultaneously controlling and adjusting the chair.

A specially designed cushion for children is also available and the chair comes in a range of colours, which will appeal to young children. The cushion has been designed to make children feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.