The M1+ unit has been developed as a result of intense communication between designers, Sirona staff and dental experts. The M1 design has been developed based on the results of numerous surveys, studies and focus groups.

The M1+ treatment centre was based on the needs of dentists and everything dentists said they needed at hand has been included in the unit. The M1+ has an intuitive control panel with familiar controls and settings, which makes it easier for dentists to adjust and control the centre. The chair has different programmes and automatically returns to its original position after each patient. The dentist element can also be adjusted.

The unit also has a compact, stylish design and a sturdy, robust frame, which will last for many years.

In addition to standard features, the M1+ also boasts a comprehensive, adjustable dental assistant’s element, a stable water unit, an integrated patient communication system and a fully adjustable, programmable head rest.

The M1+ treatment centre also integrated hygiene systems, which help to promote optimum hygiene at all times. The unit boasts removable parts, a sanitation bowl with pushbutton sanitation function, an integrated disinfection system and an easy refilling system for the water unit.

Optional extras are also available to allow dentists to customise the unit to their individual tastes and needs.