The Estetica E50 model has been designed to ensure everything is to hand and facilitate efficient, effective working. The unit is compact and specifically designed to enable dentists to control and adapt their workplace to suit their individual needs and the requirements of the individual procedure.

The chair has been developed to fit in with the future of dentistry and the unit can be adapted and added to in the future, as new devices and modules become available. The dentist’s element is easy to use and has direct selection key control and the assistant unit has a range of features, including an automatic, flushing spittoon, tumbler filler, disinfection systems and HYDROclean.

The dentist can benefit from the progress backrest, which corrects the posture and reduces the risk of the dentist developing back and neck pain. The seat can be fully adjusted and the dentist can control and adjust the chair using the foot controls.

The chair can be adapted to fit in with the overall ambience of the practice and a range of colours are available.

Product details and features:

  • Space for five or six instruments
  • Highest quality instruments and materials
  • Integrated hygiene systems and disinfection controls
  • Flexible, modular design allowing dentists to customise their own unit
  • Affordable price
  • Range of accessories and devices available
  • Easy to use foot controls
  • Efficient workflow design
  • Easy to read, intuitive control panel display
  • Different programme levels
  • Large range of movement