The Linea Surf is an impressive chair, which has been built to last; it has a sturdy, robust design and has been proven to be durable. Despite the sturdy framework, the chair itself looks stylish and modern and the upholstery comes in a range of colours to brighten up any professional setting.

The Linea Surf has keyboard memory, which includes 3 different chair programmes, return to last working position, patient’s rinse, emergency position, bowl rinse and tumbler filler and an on/off option for the X-viewer.

The multi-function foot controls also allow dentists to concentrate on the procedure, rather than having to worry about stopping to adjust the controls with their hands.

The Surf chair comes in various models and can be customised with additional options to allow dentists to personalise the unit to their own taste and needs. Options include a double-articulated head rest, rotating arm rests, child’s seat, Sonar shaped back rest. New developments and features can also be added to the chair, meaning the dentist can continue to update the chair as time goes by.

A new amalgam separation system can also be added in order to comply with changing regulations relating to the environment.