The C8+ treatment centre is a versatile, modular unit, which can be customised to suit the individual needs of the dentist.

The unit has been created to make dentists’  lives easier and allow them to access everything they need quickly and easily. The unit has a range of integrated features, including the intraoral camera, an illuminated scaler, X-ray viewer and a patient communication system.

The chair is extremely comfortable and boasts innovative features, which optimise patient relaxation. The chair has been developed with ErgoMotion technology, which means the chair moves in sync with the patient’s natural movement and there is a multi-motion headrest.

The unit also have integrated hygiene systems, which help to promote good hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination and infection.

The C8+ treatment centre is a very versatile unit and it can be adapted and updated to suit the needs of the individual; the centre can also be used by both left and right handed dental professionals. Cart versions and a hanging tube module are also available.