The Estetica E70 chair has been designed with practicality, comfort and efficiency in mind. The chair has a range of impressive features and additional options and accessories, which enable dentists and dental assistants to personalise their work station and adapt the chair to suit the individual scenario.

The chair comes with both a dentist’s and assistant’s module, which are easy to use and enable professionals to control and adapt the chair easily and quickly. The modules are highly adaptable, meaning you can add different accessories and devices. Module features and options include pneumatic brake with sensor, intraoral camera, space for five instruments, KL-702 micro-motor with endodontic torque control, USB interface and an adjustable service table.

There are also different backrests available, including the progress and comfort backrests for maximum comfort for the dentist and patient respectively. The comfort backrest has articulated movement, which enables freedom of movement and assures comfort for the patient.

The chair also has a useful, multi-functional foot control unit, which allows the dentist to control and adapt the chair without having to pause mid-procedure. There is also a movable spittoon, which rotates towards the patient when necessary; the spittoon then returns to its original position when the patient has finished.

Product features:

  • Suspended chair
  • Easy to use control unit
  • High quality materials
  • Optional accessories
  • Modular designs
  • Automated hygiene and disinfection systems
  • Range of colours
  • Water ring main system
  • Removable parts
  • Easy to clean upholstery and fittings