The Bambach Saddle Seat has been developed to tackle the problem of back and neck pain; back pain is extremely common amongst dental professionals, as their work often involves bending over or stooping for long periods of time. The Saddle Seat allows dentists to adopt a comfortable position, whilst simultaneously ensuring they are in the best possible position to work effectively.

The seat is beneficial for dentists because it allows them to get close to the patient’s oral cavity. This means they can operate effectively without having to reach, stretch or bend. The chair can be adapted to suit dentists of all heights and can be adjusted to suit a variety of different procedures.

The Saddle Seat has been developed using scientific research. The seat assures the spinal column is straight, assists blood circulation, enhances muscle tone and opens up the chest cavity; these benefits help to reduce pain and facilitate optimum body function. The seat also supports the spinal column and encourages good posture, which will help to release tension in the back and reduce the risk of back pain.

The Bambach Saddle Seat can be adapted to suit the individual needs of the dental professional; it is also possible to add a back rest for additional support.