The Chatsworth 410 and 420 Therapy chairs are versatile products, which can be used by a variety of professionals in various industries. The chair is based on a simple design, yet it has all the necessary features to make it an effective, comfortable and sophisticated product.

The back support is fully adjustable to suit a variety of patients and both the foot and back sections can be controlled either manually or electronically (on upgraded models). The curved shape of the seat enables dentists to get close to the patient and adopt a suitable working position without having to reach over or stoop .This will help to prevent neck and back pain and will facilitate effective work.

The design of the chair is attractive, stylish and modern. The chair is supported by stable, adjustable feet and the steel frame is sturdy and robust. Detachable armrests are also available to help make it easier for patients to get in and out of the chair. The 410 model has a pressured rear-mounted foot pump, which makes the hydraulic lift smooth and quiet, while the 420 model has an electronically operated hand remote control height adjustment, which makes it suitable for professionals of all heights.