The Anthos Classe A7 Plus model is a highly innovative product, which uses digital technology. This allows dentists to use state of the art programmes and devices, including the brushless micrometer. Digital hygiene systems are also available for this model, meaning optimum standards of hygiene are promoted at all times.

The A7 Plus chair has been designed for the future. Digital technology enables new devices and instruments to be added in the future, meaning the chair can move with the times and be updated constantly.

The A7 Plus chair has been developed to assure efficient, effective working. A Continental version including transthoracic instrument delivery has also been created to cater for dentists who use reflex arm instruments.

The modular design enables dentists to add additional features, devices and instruments if they wish. The treatment unit can be customised to suit the individual dentist and the unit can become more comprehensive as time goes by and new options become available. The design has been produced to allow dentists to access all devices and instruments quickly and easily, without the unit taking up large amounts of space. A sixth instrument, such as an LED light or a C-U2 camera can also be added to the international model.