The Dental EZ Simplicity chair has a simple design with a range of impressive features. The chair has an excellent hydraulic system, which enables it to move quietly and smoothly to assure patient relaxation and eliminate jerky, sudden movements.

The chair has four programmable positions, which enables dentists to find the correct chair position quickly and easily and foot controls, which allow them to work while they adjust the chair.

The Simplicity chair also has a narrow backrest, which enables dental professionals to get closer to the oral cavity without having to reach, stoop or bend over for long periods of time, which can contribute to back, shoulder and neck pain. The chair also has swing down arms, which enables patients to get in and out of the chair easily; this is especially beneficial for larger patients, older patients and patients with restricted movement.

The Simplicity dental chair has a solid, reliable metal frame and 60 degree seat rotation. The chair also has a brake on the dentist’s side and an ergonomically designed base plate. The chair is covered in Naugahyde upholstery.

Touch pad controls and a dual articulating or magnetic headrest are also available as additional options.