The F1 E Treatment Unit is a versatile chair, which can be adapted and customised to suit the dentist’s individual needs. There are 5 instrument modules available, including the curing light module, the 3/6 way Luzzani syringe module, micrometer module, turbine module with light source and four hole connector and the electric scaler module. There are also other instrument modules available on request.

The chair is a compact, stylish unit, which has all the necessary features to enable dentists to work effectively and efficiently without having to reach, stretch or move around. The sleek design enables dentists to get close to the patient’s oral cavity without having to stoop, which reduce the risk of back and neck pain. The unit has flexible, long reaching whips and a cordless foot control unit.

The unit has multifunctional foot controls, which enables the dentist to continue working at the same time as adjusting the controls or adapting the chair. The foot controls include a chip blower, automatic chair positioning, choosing spray modes and selecting the micrometer speed range.

The unit has been designed to promote good hygiene and the materials have been selected to facilitate cleaning. The chair also has a movable suction head and finger touch controls.

Product details:

  • Remote cordless foot controls
  • Double-articulated headrest
  • Rotating arm rest
  • Simulated leather upholstery
  • Different function modes
  • Fully adjustable backrest and leg rest
  • Safety switch
  • Two DC motors
  • Horizontal and Trendelenburg positions
  • 180 degree swivel
  • Operation light