TGA is a German manufacturing company, which provides equipment, devices and instruments for the medical and dental industries.

The company is committed to providing medical and dental professionals with the highest quality equipment to facilitate optimum performance and equip them for the ever-changing nature of the medical and dental industries. The company prides itself on delivering excellent quality products at an affordable price and only the finest European parts are used. TGA aims to deliver intelligent, individual and innovative products and the company is constantly working on new ideas and concepts.

TGA has produced many products since its establishment and the range of dental chairs has received praise from professionals and supplies across the globe. The concept behind all of the chairs is to provide dentists with the best possible work environment in order to improve performance and ensure patient satisfaction.

The team at TGA have developed the range of dental units and chairs based on four key principles, including production in Germany, the use of high quality materials, precision in the manufacturing process and the introduction of versatile and innovative features.