The Idema S30 chair has been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum patient comfort. The design also assures dentists can adopt the optimum working position without having to stoop or reach over for long periods of time, which helps to reduce the risk of them developing back and neck pain. The chair has a narrow backrest, which allows dental professionals to get close to the patient’s oral cavity, without having to bend over or reach. The chair also has a unique anatomic back and face cradle, which caters for patients of all shapes and sizes.

The S30 chair has been developed with practicality and hygiene in mind; the materials used in the chair are easy to clean and promote good hygiene. There is an integrated system for distilling water and the ceramic bowl can be cleaned, rinsed and rotated quickly and simply. There is also an amalgam separator, which has been approved to meet international standards. This also contributes to environmentally friendly dentistry.

The chair comes with a 2 year warranty and has been certified and safety-tested.