The F1 SD package is a complete, versatile unit, which has everything a dentist can need in easy reach. The compact workstation enables dentists to maximise the space and allows them to work effectively and efficiently in any space.

The unit has a range of impressive features, which help to make life easier for the dentist, whilst ensuring the patient is as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Product details:

  • 8 programme positions
  • Electro-mechanical power lift
  • Chair position controls
  • 3 way syringe
  • Foot controls
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Fully adjustable backrest
  • Rotating arm rest
  • Soft, comfortable upholstery
  • Clean water bottle
  • Standard dry line C system
  • Space for two further outlets
  • Chair mounted cuspidor
  • Chair mounted side delivery instrument bridge
  • Aluminium tray mount
  • Range of upholstery colours