The Engle 300SL with comfort plus dental chair has been anatomically designed to provide the patient with maximum and support, which is especially beneficial for long procedures. The chair cushion fits the natural contours of the patient’s back and offers lumbar support.

The chair has drop down arms, which provide additional comfort; the arms can then be moved away to allow the patient to get into and out of the chair very easily. The chair also has a narrow backrest, which enables the operator to get closer to the patient’s oral cavity without having to stoop or stretch; this helps to reduce the risk of back and neck pain.

The Engle 300 SL chair has a huge range of standards features, including:

  • Easy to clean upholstery
  • 60 degree seat rotation
  • Instant override function
  • Swing down arms
  • 4 manual chair movements
  • Adjustable, double articulating headrest
  • Silent hydraulic system
  • Narrow back with lumbar support
  • Sturdy, reliable metal frame
  • 10 year warranty for the electric system

Additional options include:

  • Foot control
  • Wide backrest
  • Magnetic headrest
  • Chair bracket
  • IV arm
  • Assistant touch pad
  • Upholstery options