The Teneo treatment centre has been designed to provide dentists with everything they need to be able to work as effectively and efficiently. The treatment centre has a range of useful, innovative features, which allow dentists to control their working environment without having to stop in the middle of a procedure; features include wireless foot controls and an easy to use touch pad control panel.

The Teneo treatment centre also has innovative features to ensure maximum patient comfort, including an ergonomically designed chair elevation system, OrthoMotion, which assures maximum comfort for patients with restricted mobility and a motor-driven head rest. The chair cushion has a massage setting and thermo upholstery, which help to relax the patient and ensure they are comfortable throughout the procedure. The chair also provides additional lumbar support.

The treatment centre is available in four different packages and dental professionals can choose the package that best suits their individual needs and desires. The unit also has integrated endodontic and implantology functions.

The treatment unit has sophisticated features, which have been designed for modern dentistry; the unit has a USB port and PC functions can be accessed via the EasyTouch control pad.

The centre also has a sleek, modern design and is extremely durable.