The Diaco dental chair is a revolutionary product, which has changed the way disabled patients are treated. The chair allows patients to stay in their wheelchair during their dental appointment and can take all mass manufactured manual and electric wheelchairs. The chair can consequently be used by a large range of patients, regardless of their age, weight, size or disability.

The Diaco chair eliminates the need for manual lifting and the use of hoists; as a consequence treatment time is much shorter, there is no danger of lifting injuries and patients feel at ease because there is no fuss prior to the appointment. The chair also allows the patient a greater deal of independence because they do not require assistance to get in and out of a dentist’s chair.

The Diaco chair is hugely beneficial for dentists because it allows them to adopt the optimum working position without compromising either their own or their patient’s comfort. The adjustable back and head rests also help to maximise patient comfort. If patients already have a head rest in their wheelchair, the Diaco head rest can be removed or used alongside the existing head rest for additional support.

The chair is easy to use and ensures safety in the workplace. The chair is also very easy to move and store, meaning dentists do not have to adapt their surgery in any way when buying a Diaco dental chair. The chair is actually smaller than the average dental chair, so a large work space is not required.

The chair is completely safe and has an exemplary safety record; the chair also comes with a 10 year structural guarantee and a 2 year servicing and general maintenance warranty.