The Suzhou Junwei MedicalJunwei ZA-208C dental unit is a comprehensive dental unit with a range of standard features, which are designed to make daily life easier for dentists and their assistants.

The unit has been designed for everyday use and everything the dentist needs is within easy reach. The position of the chair can be adapted to suit the operator and the patient.

The chair has also been designed to provide patients with comfort and support.

The unit has controls for the assistant, as well as the operator, which enables the dentist to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Product features:

  • Fixed armrest
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Operator stool
  • Top mounted or hanging instrument tray
  • Assistant tray
  • Water heater system
  • Pure water system
  • Cooling light
  • Integrated spittoon system
  • Control panel
  • Round foot control