The C3+,C4+ and C5+ models have been developed based on a proven workflow dynamic, which facilitates efficient working. The treatment centres have been designed to ensure the dentist and their assistant have anything they need within easy reach and boast innovative additional features, including wireless foot controls and motor driven headrests.

The C+ range of treatment centres come with a Hugo stool, which offers unrivalled support for the dentist and promotes good posture; this helps to reduce the risk of back, shoulder and neck pain, which tend to be very common amongst dental professionals.

The models have the same basic design but have different additional features; the C3+ unit has a unit with whip arm hose supports, while the C4+ has a sliding track unit and the C5+ has an OTP unit (this enables both right and left handed dental professionals to use the unit). The C4+ model also has cart and cabinet versions.

The C+ range of treatment centres have extremely comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs, which assure optimum patient comfort. The chair has thermo-upholstery, which prevents overheating in the backrest and the cushion moves in sync with the movement of the patient. There are both narrow and wide backrests available.

The treatment centres also benefit from integrated hygiene systems, which help to maintain extremely high standards of hygiene and reduce the risk of infection and contamination. There is a swivelling cuspidor, built-in disinfection system, anti-static bellows and disinfectable hand piece rack.

The treatment centre has a range of different equipment options and the chair cover is available in a range of colours.