The Skema 6 model is one of the most innovative and sophisticated units available on the market at the moment. The chair has been designed for professionals working in environments where the highest possible standards of hygiene are expected at all times.

The unit comes with specialised instruments, which can be used for surgical and specialist procedures. The ergonomic design of the chair assures the optimum positioning for both dentists and patients, whilst also providing unrivalled working conditions for dentists and increasing efficiency and practicality. The chair has also been developed to incorporate the dental assistant and has plenty of innovative features, which facilitate the work of the dental assistant, as well as the dentist.

The Skema 6 chair has a huge range of innovative systems, features and gadgets to make the life of the dentist easier and improve overall efficiency, whilst also assuring maximum efficacy.

The chair has been produced based on rigorous research programmes. The research was aimed at finding the best possible positions for the operator and the unit has been designed so that dental professionals have complete freedom of movement around the chair, allowing them to get into the most comfortable position for operating.

Product details:

  • Fully adjustable head, back and foot rests
  • Rotating arm rest
  • Self-balanced dental instruments
  • Extensive vertical work range
  • Hanging tubes module
  • Assistant’s module (with a large range of optional features)
  • Motor driven ceramic cuspidor bowl
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Anti-bacterial material and built-in hygiene systems
  • Suction stop control
  • Large double-jointed headrest
  • Foot control (various options available)
  • Comprehensive, colour display control panel
  • Optional multimedia systems
  • Optional instruments and devices