The Planmeca Compact series of dental units has been designed to maximise the space available in the treatment room and equip the dentist with everything they need. There is a variety of models, each with a slightly different design but the same set of standard features. Models include:

Compact i: the Compact i chair has an over the patient delivery system and balanced instrument arms.

Compact s: the Compact s chair has a side delivery system with hanging tube instruments.

Compact c: the Compact c unit has an instrument cart and hanging tubes instruments.

Compact a: the Compact a chair has a pneumatic instrument system. The unit can be customised with additional extras.

Compact t: the Compact t is a cabinet-mounted dental unit.

Product features:

  • Infection control
  • Modern design
  • Range of colours
  • Comfortable chair
  • Patient comfort
  • Operator comfort
  • Operating light