This chair is A-Dec’s signature dental chair; it has been designed to enable maximum patient comfort and ensure a comfortable working position for dental professionals. The company claim that the chair is the most comfortable on the market and its sleek design enables dentists to get close to the patient, allowing them to work effectively without having to stoop or reach.
The chair has been designed using scientific research to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. The seat provides support to the entire body and reduces pressure points in susceptible areas.

The chair is also fitted with a ‘virtual pivot’ which enables patients to stay in the same position even when the chair is raised or lowered; this prevents patients having to move about to find a comfortable position.

The A-Dec 500 chair has a small head rest and a narrow back support, which enables dentists to get close to the patient’s oral cavity without having to reach or bend over awkwardly. This helps to reduce back and neck pain and enables dentists to work as effectively as possible. The chair has been developed to cater for dentists of all heights and has a variety of different positions to ensure comfort for both the patient and the dentist. The chair has a range of innovative features, which make the dentist’s life easier, whilst simultaneously assuring optimum patient comfort.

There is a huge range of different colours to choose from.
Product details:

  • Flexible, ultra-thin backrest
  • Double-articulating, movable headrest
  • Innovative, quiet hydraulic lift system
  • Expanded height range, to suit dentists of all heights
  • 60 degree swivel (with brake)
  • 300-watt integrated power supply
  • Rotating arm rests
  • Cast iron base plate for maximum stability