The Ivy dental unit is a comprehensive, stylish treatment centre, which has been designed to allow dentists to work as efficiently as possible. Everything the dentist needs is at hand and the unit has been designed based on effective workflow.

The dental chair is fully adjustable and there are six special programmes with Auto function. The chair has a remote control with 13 different functions. The chair also has a multi-featured foot control, which enables the dentist to continue working whilst also controlling and adjusting the chair. There is also a swivelling assistant’s module.

The Ivy unit has a large, adjustable instrument tray, which has a 3 way syringe and a 5 point modular control. There is also a movable and detachable coloured glass spittoon. The treatment centre also boasts an LED X-ray viewer and provision for scalers, a fibre optic airotor and light cure.

The Ivy model is available in Continental and International versions. The unit is available in a range of funky colours to brighten up any surgery.

Product features:

  • Remote control with 13 functions
  • Swivelling assistant’s module
  • Programmable chair
  • Movable, detachable coloured glass spittoon
  • Adjustable instrument tray
  • Micro motor
  • LED X-ray viewer
  • Multi-functional foot control