The Diplomat DM20 dental chair is a sophisticated design with an impressive range of standard features.

The chair has a compact design and a choice of backrests (either wide or narrow); the sleek design enables the dentist to adopt a comfortable working position, which improves performance and reduces the risk of back and neck pain.

The chair has 5 programmable positions, a comfortable, adjustable headrest and folding arms. The movable arms make it easy for patients to get in and out of the chair; this is especially helpful for older patients and patients with restricted mobility.

The chair is available in a range of different colours to suit all treatment rooms.

Product features:

  • Adjustable headrest
  • Choice of narrow or wide backrest
  • Movable armrest
  • 5 programmable positions
  • Option of placing power unit inside the chair base
  • Range of colours
  • Hygienic upholstery