Many dentists consider the dental chair to be one of the most important pieces of equipment in the surgery; a good dental chair will make it easier for dentists to work as well as ensuring that the patient feels relaxed and comfortable.

In addition to the basic chair model, there are also a number of additional features which can help to enhance the experience for the patient, as well as making the dentist’s life easier and making the area more workable. Examples of additional chair features include foot or chair mounted controls and chair motors.

Foot controls

Foot controls enable dentists and dental assistants to operate switches without having to move away from the chair or stop during a procedure. This ultimately leads to a greater level of proficiency for the dentist and a better level of comfort for the patient. Foot controls also help to eliminate bending and getting into awkward positions, which will help to reduce the risk of the dentist developing back or neck pain.

Chair controls

Chair controls enable the dentist to adapt the position and tilt of the chair so that they can work at an optimum position. The chair controls enable dentists to work without having to stoop or reach and many models have a preset feature, which enables you to save certain positions for each dentist; this is particularly beneficial if several dentists use the same dental chair.

Chair motor

Motors in the chair control the movement of the chair; the chair can be moved into various different positions using switches on the chair. Motors enable dentist to work in a comfortable position and also ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.

Chair upholstery

Chair upholstery may not seem like an obvious bonus feature; however, the upholstery of the chair can make a huge difference to the patient’s experience. Now there are various designs available, which are tailored to provide maximum comfort for the patient and you can also buy fabrics which are bacteria resistant.

Neck and back pain are extremely common amongst dentists as they are often stooping and reaching forwards. To combat this, many dentists are choosing to use Optergo Prism spectacles, which enable dentists to see what they are doing without bending or stooping. The spectacles have been developed using the latest research and are the only spectacles designed specifically for dentists. Optergo have also gone one step further and started selling dental chairs. The chairs have been designed to provide maximum comfort for both patients and dentists and claim to preserve optimum ergonomic posture for the dentist, which will reduce the possibility of back and neck pain.