The Estetica E80 unit has an innovative suspended chair, which maximises space and allows the dentists and their assistant more leg room. The shape of the chair supports the patient’s back and keeps them in a relaxed, comfortable position throughout the procedure. The chair is fully adjustable and can be put into a versatile range of positions to suit the need of the individual and enable the dentist to be in the optimum position for each procedure. The chair moves smoothly, without any sudden movements or jerks.

The Estetica E80 offers the dentist a range of additional options to enable them to customise the chair to suit their needs and the ambience of their practice. There is large range of colours to choose from and the individual element can be designed to suit personal preferences and requirements. Equipment options for the element include: intraoral camera, calculus remover, LED polymerisation light, X-ray viewer, COMFORTbase, electrosurgery, multiflex coupling with 360 degree instrument rotation and a brushless micrometer syringe.

The Estetica E80 unit has been developed to allow dentists to work as efficiently as possible; the unit is compact and the designers have worked hard to deliver a smooth workflow system. The unit is made from the finest materials and the chair has been proved to be durable and safe. The chair has been tested in a number of difficult situations and passed with flying colours. The chair also has integrated hygiene systems, which help to promote cleanliness at all times.

Product details:

  • Large range of options and additional extras
  • Efficient storage system
  • Integrated hygiene systems
  • Fully adjustable back and head rests
  • Proven durability
  • Large range of colours
  • Easy to clean upholstery and fittings
  • Foot controls