Dental chairs have come a long way since the first patented version, which represented a wooden chair with a basic neck extension. Over the course of the last 150 years, designs have become increasingly sophisticated and today a vast range of dental chairs are available.

Today, dental chairs are designed to ensure patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their appointment, whilst simultaneously ensuring that dentists can work as effectively, comfortably and efficiently as possible. For a practice to be run well everything must be in place to ensure utmost patient comfort and dentist proficiency, and the dentist chair is at the cornerstone of this notion.

Specialised dentist chairs

Dental chairs are now geared towards the individual patient and the range of dental chairs on the market caters for people of all sizes and shapes. Specialised designs are available for children, average-sized adults and an increasing number of brands are now producing models for obese people, as obesity is becoming an increasingly prevalent condition in many societies.

Specialised models are also available for patients with disabilities. The chairs are designed to provide greater comfort and support for patients, as well as being easily accessible. The chairs are also designed with the dentist in mind and ensure that the dentist is able to treat the patient in a comfortable position.

The patient’s dental experience

Dental anxiety is a very common problem in society today and most people suffer a degree of anxiety when going to the dentist. A dental chair can help to ease fears and increase comfort, which will be beneficial for both the patient and the dentist.

This resource will help you to understand the importance of the dental chair in relation to patient comfort, the technology currently available and what considerations you as a dentist need to make when acquiring a dentist chair for your practice.