The Chatsworth Split Leg Therapy chair offers a hydraulic or electric lift option and has been designed to optimise patient comfort. The chair is compact yet comprehensive; it is ideal for dentists working in smaller spaces and enables professionals to get close to the patient without having to adopt an awkward position, which may contribute to back pain.

The split leg design offers greater versatility. The legs can be raised or lowered independently and the back and foot rests are fully adjustable (a power assisted upgrade is available). The sleek design makes the chair a popular product for professionals in both the health and beauty industries.

The chair is supported by stable feet and there are detachable armrests, which enable patients to get in and out of the chair with greater ease.

The thick upholstery provides both support and comfort and comes in a choice of colours.

The 415 model has a pressured rear-mounted foot pump, which enables the hydraulic lift to work smoothly and quietly and the 425 model has an electronically operated hand remote control height adjustment; this means the chair is suitable for dental professionals of all heights.