The Summit Dental Systems Palm Beach dental chair is a premium, award winning product.

The chair has an impressive range of standard features, as well as a variety of extra optional features, which enable dentists to customise their chair and update it as new features become available.

The Palm Beach chair has a swivelling base, which rotates 60 degrees and swinging arms, which enable patients to get in and out of the chair with ease. This is particularly beneficial for larger patients, elderly patients and those with restricted movement.

The chair features programmable positions, which enable the dentist to adjust the position of the chair by simply pressing one button; there is also an automatic return button. The chair has multifunctional foot controls, which enable dentists to control the chair whilst they work.

The Palm Beach has been designed with both the operator and patient in mind. The chair has a comfortable cushion, a double articulating headrest and additional lumbar support; the chair also has synchronised leg and back rest movement.

The Palm Beach chair has a solid frame and is durable, reliable and safe. The unit has been built to last. There is a large choice of upholstery colours available.