In recent years the range of dental chairs on the market has increased significantly and there are now many different types of dental chair available.

Dental chair advanced technology

Designs have changed significantly since the first dental chair was developed around 150 years ago; however, even the most modern chairs are being tampered with and futuristic designs are already being developed. Chinese company, Chengli Hung, have developed a prototype for a futuristic dental chair, which is an innovative crescent-shaped moon design featuring a range of quirky but functional characteristics, which aim to increase efficacy, as well as comfort.

The chair, which looks like the moon, has been designed to help patients combat their fear of sitting in the dental chair, whilst simultaneously providing solutions to common problems with existing chairs, including ease of access to the patient and problems with neck and back pain. Children will be particularly excited about the prospect of the new futuristic dental chair, thanks to its aesthetically appealing, fun design.

Dentist chair features

For the meantime, modern chairs boast a range of features, including power controls and foot controls to enable dentists to work in comfortable positions and manoeuvre around freely. Many chairs also have additional features to increase patient comfort and chairs are designed to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Specially designed dental chairs

Special designs are also emerging for people with disabilities; the diaco dental chair is a movable platform, which has been specifically developed for patients that use wheelchairs. The diaco chair enables patients to stay in their chairs during a procedure, which eliminates the need for manual lifting and the use of hoists. Patients may also feel more at ease sitting in their own chairs than using a dental chair. The chair has also been designed with the dentist in mind and enables the dentist to operate at an optimum body position by moving and tilting the wheelchair.