The Eco-19 range includes the ECO-19-B, ECO-19 3P and the ECO-19 3PS chairs. The ECO-19 chairs have a choice of headrests, dual controls and a range of seamless upholstery colours.

All the models have been designed to provide dental professionals with everything they need at hand; the chair has also been designed to ensure patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The chairs have a standard range of features, including:

  • Entry exit programme
  • Last position backrest programme
  • Up to rinse and return
  • Seam-free upholstery in a range of different colours
  • Choice of headrests

The ECO-19 3P chair also has Tredelenburg position and 3 user programmes and the ECO-19 3PS chair has all the features listed above as well as top rotation.

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