The dental chair is an essential piece of equipment, which can have a huge impact on patients and dentists alike.

For many people, going to the dentist is a traumatic experience and one which they worry about for a considerable amount of time before their scheduled appointment. Some patients have such a severe fear of going to the dentist that they start to suffer from extreme anxiety before they have even set foot in the surgery, otherwise known as dental phobia. For many, the dental chair represents the ultimate challenge and sitting in the chair can trigger all sorts of emotion.

Making the dental chair patient friendly

In order to help phobic and anxious patients, it is important that the dental chair is as comfortable as possible. A comfortable chair will help to make patients feel more relaxed and help to distract them from the procedure. Many dentists also use other methods to distract and entertain their patients, such as putting on a film or some music. If the patient is sat comfortably and entertained the chances are that they will feel much more positive and this will also help to ensure the dentist can focus on the task in hand, rather than worrying about their patient feeling anxious and concerned.

Having a dental chair that functions as per your needs is also important when it comes to patient comfort. If you are unhappy with your dental chair then chances are the patient will not receive the same level of treatment as they would if you were completely comfortable in your surroundings. This is why purchasing a dentist chair for your practice is such a key decision to its future running.

The dental chair is important but the rest of the surgery also needs to be tailored towards patient comfort and satisfaction. The surgery should be clean, calm, relaxing and warm, as this will make patients feel at ease as soon as they walk through the door.