The Anthos R7 chair is a sophisticated model, which has been developed to maximise the efficacy of the working environment. The chair has a modular design, which means it can be added to and customised by the individual dentist. The basic chair design can be customised with a number of optional additions to create a complete working space, boasting a light, monitor, dentist and assistant controls and an X-ray unit.

The chair can be adapted to suit working spaces of all sizes and shapes. The design has been created to make the most of any space and will deliver optimum results for the individual environment. The chair is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum patient comfort.

The Classe R7 chair also has the option of an assistant’s module, which enables the assistant to work alongside the dentist efficiently and effectively. The unit can also be converted from right hand to left hand quickly and easily, so it can cater for all dentists and assistants. A mobile cart can also be added to make it easier to move and re-position.

The Classe R7 chair is highly adaptable to suit the needs of all dentists and can be customised to include a range of different features. The chair has been developed to optimise patient comfort, whilst providing the dentist with the best possible environment and tools to operate effectively and safely.