The Elexa S90 hanging tube delivery unit is a really versatile dental unit, which has a range of impressive and useful features. The chair is fully digital and has 3 independent dentist programmes; the programmes allow dentists to store a set of individual programmes, which makes it easier for different professionals to use the same unit.

The chair has an LCD control panel, which is easy to use and read and enables dentists to control and adjust the chair quickly and easily. There is also a multi-functional foot control unit, which allows dentists to control the chair without using their hands.

The chair has a narrow backrest, which allows the operator to get close to the patient without having to stretch or reach. This helps to reduce the risk of back and neck pain, which are very common amongst dental professionals.

There is an automatic door which allows easy refilling of distilled water bottles and the suction filter can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning.

Product details:

  • Adjustable back and head rests
  • Operator keyboard
  • Foot control unit
  • Adjustable white LED light
  • Fibre optic high speed connection point
  • High quality European parts
  • Optional extras including an assistant’s stool, inter-oral camera, amalgam spittoon valve, wall mounted X-ray unit, ultrasonic scaler and amalgam mixer.