The Cameo dental unit has a range of impressive features, which help to make the dentist’s life easier, whilst also ensuring maximum patient comfort.

The chair is fully electrical and can be positioned according to the individual scenario. The chair moves smoothly and quietly and the control pad features feathertouch controls. There is also a shadow less operating light with dual intensities.

The Cameo chair has a fully adjustable, stainless steel instrument tray, with a 3 point modular control, 3 way syringe and micro motor complete; there is also an LED X-ray viewer.

The unit also has a six way foot control, which enables the dentist to operate the chair whilst working. This means they do not have to stop mid-procedure to adjust the chair.

The unit also comes with a pneumatic operator’s stool.

Product features:

  • Ceramic spittoon
  • Shadow less operating light
  • LED X-ray viewer
  • Comfortable chair cushion
  • Fully adjustable, stainless steel tray
  • Six way foot control
  • Pneumatic operator’s chair
  • Modular control