Diaco was established in 2004 with the specific aim of producing a dental chair which was suitable for wheelchair users. The Diaco team was made up of specialist engineers, dental experts and designers. Their ergonomically designed Diaco dental chair was subsequently developed and launched onto the market in 2005.

The Diaco dental chair was developed as a direct result of clinicians appealing for a chair, which enabled them to care for patients in wheelchairs more effectively. The new Diaco chair benefits both the dentist and the patient, as it enables the dentist to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, whilst allowing the patient to stay in their wheelchair, which is both practical and comfortable.

The Diaco dental chair is now used in more than 100 NHS hospitals across the UK and the company is receiving an increasing amount of interest from international health organisations and dental suppliers. The chairs can currently be found in 14 countries and are used in hospitals in Australia, Europe and the USA.