The Status 1080 TM- Globus 1078 S chair is a really versatile product, which can be used by both left and right handed dentists. The unit can be adapted quickly and simply to cater for left and right handed dentists; there is no need for an engineer to change the set-up of the unit.

The chair has fully adjustable back and head rests to assure maximum comfort for both the dentist and the patient and there are two models available: the swing version and the table version.

The chair comes with a comprehensive range of equipment, including two different backrests and three different headrests. The progress backrest is designed to correct posture and reduce the risk of the dentist developing back and neck pain and the comfort backrest is designed to ensure patients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their appointment.

The dentist’s element can store up to five instruments and has a small X-ray viewer, while the assistant’s module has space for four instruments. There is an easy to use keypad control unit, a multifunctional foot control unit, filter change and integrated hygiene systems.

Product details and features:

  • Adaptable for both right and left handed dentists
  • Choice of head and back rests
  • Integrated hygiene systems
  • Comfortable seat
  • Compact design
  • Thermally disinfectable spittoon
  • Optional extras