The new Biscayne orthodontic chair by Summit Dental Systems has been specially developed for orthodontists. The chair is one of the only orthodontic chairs on the market with a hydraulic system, which contributes to smooth, gliding movement and eliminates jerky and sudden movements.

The orthodontic chair has a six function foot system unit, which allows the dentist to control the chair without having to stop in the middle of a dental procedure. There are also programmable positions, including an auto-return function and entry/exit position.

The chair has a comfortable cushion and an articulated headrest, which offers support for the patient’s head and neck.

The SDS Biscayne chair has been built to last; it has a sturdy metal frame and is made from excellent quality component parts. The chair has a stable base and the footrest can be adjusted to suit the individual patient. There is a large range of colours available and the upholstery is seamless, which makes it easier to clean.

Optional extras include:

  • Removable arms for easy access to the chair
  • Programmable pre-position
  • Pony tail style headrest
  • V-shaped headrest
  • Post mount