Cleo II Surgery System

The Cleo II treatment centre has been developed to facilitate workflow; the unit is compact and has a practical design, which allows dentists to operate effectively without having to move around or reach for instruments or devices.

The treatment centre has also been designed with the patient in mind and the chair is very comfortable, with a relaxing incline and specially designed cushions.

The unit is mounted on a base, which enables the operator to access the patient very easily from the side, front or back; this enables them to adopt an optimum working position without having to strain, stretch or reach, which will help to minimise the risk of back and neck pain.

The chair has a basic design, which can be enhanced by a number of optional extras and additions; this enables the dentist to customise the chair to best suit their individual needs. Both air and electric versions are available for this model.

Clesta II CM Holder and Rod Type

The Clesta II CM treatment centre is available in two models; the holder type and the continental rod type. The holder type is available in both electric and air versions, while the rod type is only available in the electric version. The electric versions feature micro motors and fibre-optic outlets.

The chair component boasts a synchronised axis backrest, which has been specially designed to ensure maximum patient comfort; the cushion has been ergonomically designed to target specific areas of the back and mimic the natural movement of the body. The chair has a narrow backrest, which enables dentists and dental assistants to get close to the patient’s oral cavity and maintain a comfortable working position. The chair has programme positions and also has last position memory.

The unit also has foot controls, which enable dental professionals to control the chair without stopping mid-procedure. There is also an articulated headrest, which is suitable for patients of all ages.

The treatment centre has both dentist’s and assistant’s modules, which can be customised to suit the needs of the individual. The central control panel is easy to use and facilitates efficient, smooth working.

The centre also boasts an effective hygiene system, which contains an integrated cuspidor; the bowl rotates for both patient and operator ease and promotes good hygiene at all times.

There are also various additional options, devices and instruments, which can be added to the unit.

Clesta I CM

The Clesta I treatment unit is a versatile treatment centre, which comes in a variety of models, which offer over the patient, cart and cabinet delivery methods. Dental professionals can choose which model suits them best.

The chair section boasts a synchronised axis backrest, which assures patient comfort at all times. The chair also has pre-set programmes and a last position memory function.

The chair has an integrated cuspidor, functional foot controls and a twin articulating headrest. The centre can also be adapted and customised to suit the individual.

The Clesta I CM unit also has integrated hygiene systems, an NDL operating light, easy to clean, comfortable upholstery and assistant and dentist’s modules. The control panel is easy to use and will help to make life a lot easier for operators.

Voyager II-L

The Voyager II-L model features a mounted side-arm, which makes the unit fully usable for both left and right handed dental professionals. The chair can be manoeuvred easily and quickly to enable dentists to find their optimum working position, which will help to reduce the risk of neck, shoulder and back pain, which are very common amongst dentists.

The chair boasts the same features as both the Clesta I and the Clesta II models, including twin articulating headrests, integrated cuspidor, easy to clean upholstery, pre-set chair positions, ergonomically designed chair cushion, easy to use central control panel and multi-functional foot controls.

The Voyager II-L model also has a 720-VG operating light and an NDL-VG operating light, which features sensor control. The unit comes in a range of colours.