The Petra+ dentist’s unit is a comprehensive treatment centre, which has everything a dentist needs close to hand. The unit has been developed to allow dentists to work as efficiently as possible, with a proven workflow and easily accessible devices and instruments.

The Petra+ unit has a motorised dental chair control system, which enables the dentist to adjust the position of the chair quickly and easily. The unit has multi-functional foot controls and a central control panel. There is also an assistant’s module.

The chair has been ergonomically designed and has a knee break design; the chair offers support all over the patient’s body with fully adjustable head and arm rests and light ankle support. The cushion has been designed to facilitate relaxation.

The centre comes with a dentist’s stool, which has a movable back rest, swivel castors and height adjustment.

Product features:

  • Dentist module with control panel, large movable instrument tray, ultrasonic scaler, 3 way syringe, air pressure gauge and a 4 hole instrument hose
  • Movable glass cuspidor with automatic bowl cleaning and cup filler
  • High spec operating light plus halogen lamp
  • Assistant’s unit
  • Movable arm rest
  • Double-articulating head rest