Historically, dentists have based decisions on patient comfort. However, in more recent years, a large proportion of dentists have suffered from chronic neck and back pain and many are now taking operator comfort into consideration. Most dentists will look for the best of both worlds when choosing a dental chair in order to provide maximum comfort for the patient as well as taking their own health into consideration.

Expanding dental chair market

In recent years, the dental industry has seen a huge increase in the number of models and brands on the market and a large variety of products are now available to dentists. Most claim to provide the best ergonomic solutions, as well as offering unrivalled patient comfort and ease of use, so it can be extremely difficult to decide which model to go for. As a dentist, you will need to get very close to the oral cavity, so it is important to choose a chair which allows you to do this without having to change your body position into one that places strain on your back and neck and subsequently causes pain.

Some experts recommend looking out for two key features which allow close proximity to the oral cavity without unnecessary movement. These include a small headrest and a narrow back support for the patient. These features allow the dentist to get very close to the patient without having to reach or stoop, whilst also maintaining patient comfort.

Dentist chair settings

It is also important to choose a chair which has a variety of different settings and positions. This will make it possible to cater for a range of different patients and also ensure that the dentist is in a comfortable position during the procedure. Some chairs do not lower significantly and this may cause discomfort for shorter dentists, for example.

Old or new dental chair

When choosing to replace a dental chair you may also wish to consider whether to go for an old or new chair. Each has its advantages. New dental chairs will obviously be more sophisticated, cleaner and possibly have modern features but they will be a lot more expensive than older, second-hand chairs. You will also need to consider the space available to you in the practice and the clientele you are treating.