The F1 Prime Treatment Unit is an innovative design, which has been developed to enable dental professionals to maximise space and work in smaller rooms. The unit has a classic ‘sidelift’ design, which saves space. The unit also has light, flexible whips, a large instrument tray and a cordless foot control unit.

The multifunctional foot control enables the dentist to operate the unit without having to stop mid-procedure. The foot control can operate the spray mode, the micrometer speed range, the chip blower and automatic programme positions. You can also control the bowl rinse.

There are five modules available for this unit; these include the electric scaler, the electric micrometer, the 3/6 way Luzzani syringe module, the curing light module and the turbine module with light source.

The chair also has finger touch controls on the suction head, easy to clean upholstery and fittings and the option of an F1 dry or wet line.

Product details:

  • Rotating arm
  • Simulated leather upholstery
  • Different function modes
  • Cordless foot control
  • 30 degree swivel
  • Classic headrest
  • Fully adjustable back and leg rests
  • Operation light