KaVo is a hugely successful dental corporation, which has its own sales companies in 21 different countries. Founded in 1909 in Berlin, KaVo has established an excellent reputation and become one of the market leaders; it now has manufacturing depots in six countries and supplies products to companies across the world. In 2007 alone, KaVo came up with 19 innovations and the team are constantly evolving existing products and developing new products.

The KaVo range of dental chairs has been designed to offer dentists practical solutions, as well as ensuring they have access to all the latest innovations. The chairs are also designed to ensure patients are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

The chairs all boast compact designs and dental professionals can benefit from the innovative suspended chair feature, which enables them to get very close to the patient’s oral cavity and reduces the need for bending and stooping, which are associated with back pain.