The Puma ELI 5 has been developed to ensure that dental professionals can work as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible. The chair has a sleek, modern design and comes with a range of additional optional features; the dentist can then choose to customise the chair to suit their individual needs.

The new ELI 5 model has a large tray, which can be attached to the chair for added functionality. There is also an attachment for dentists that like to use hanging tubes. The unit is compact and organised and the instruments can be arranged in a practical way.

The Puma ELI 5 unit is highly versatile and flexible; the unit can be adapted to suit the individual patient and dental professional in any treatment scenario. The unit can also cater for left and right handed dental professionals and it can be adapted very quickly and easily if both left and right handed professionals are using the same chair.

There are different modules available to cater for the individual needs of all dental professionals. Optional features include the whip arm over patient delivery module, the hanging modules and the assistant’s module. The chair also comes in a huge range of colours.

Product features:

  • Innovative, comprehensive hygiene system
  • Large tray holder
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Power displays
  • X-ray viewer
  • Soft-switch keyboard
  • Adaptable, comfortable seating (including lumbar back rest) for maximum patient comfort
  • Reclining headrest
  • Position memory
  • Suction stop command
  • Additional safety devices