The Airel PE8 dental unit is a sophisticated unit with a large range of standard features. The chair has been ergonomically designed with both the patient and the operator in mind and the result is a stylish, functional product.

The PE8 has a sleek design, which maximises space in the treatment room and allows professionals to move freely around the chair. The narrow backrest also allows the dentist to get close to the patient during a procedure, which means they can work in a comfortable position – sometimes, dentists are forced to stoop or bend over to reach the mouth properly and this can contribute to back and neck problems.

The PE8 has a smart memory chip system, which enables many dentists to use the same chair. The chip stores individual preferences and the chair can consequently be adapted to suit each individual very quickly and easily.

Product features:

  • Programmable positions
  • Smart chip memory
  • Double articulating headrest
  • Instrument holder
  • Progressive foot control
  • Operator stool
  • Sensitive touch control panel
  • Operating light
  • Cuspidor
  • Suction support