The DC-B280 dental unit is a comprehensive dental unit, which provides the modern dentist with everything they need. The unit has been designed to facilitate workflow and increase efficiency.

The chair has been designed to provide comfort and relaxation for the patient. The chair can be adjusted to suit both the patient and the operator and the sleek design enables the dentist to adopt a comfortable working position close to the patient’s oral cavity. This facilitates performance and minimises the risk of back and neck pain, which tend to be very common amongst dental professionals.

The unit comes with a large range of features and instruments and everything is located within easy reach, which enables the dentist to work quickly and effectively.

Product details:

  • Cast aluminium backrest
  • Rotating cuspidor
  • Automatic water heating system
  • Assistant controlled system
  • DC motor
  • Built-in purified water system
  • AC X-film viewer
  • Water suction
  • Saliva ejector
  • Air spring
  • Dentist stool
  • Inductive operating light
  • KAVO 4 way high speed handpiece
  • KAVO 4 way low speed handpiece